Tuesday, November 07, 2006


extremely delayed presence apologies extended verbatim

orrr, something like that. howdy! wow i have not babbled here for some time. well, well, well. yes! i finally told my family, and they were increddddibly supportive, it made me cry tears of joy, it was really really gratifying. my mom responded to the email with this beautiful email directed toward our daughter, telling her how much she loved her, how lucky she was to have such great parents, it was really great. my sister who has a kid has really jumped over the net, researching and learning more about DS, and I was surprised to find out that a friend of a friend of hers actually has a little boy born with DS who her daughter (my niece) has had a few play dates with. wow, small world.

wellll, our little one is doing exceedingly well, she is 5 months already!! wowsers. time does indeed fly. every day it seems like she's doing something new, displaying some new fantastic skill, every smile is just an unbelievably beautiful moment. fatherhood agrees with me to the nth degree. such a cliche to say you never really know what it's like until it happens to you but truer words I doubt were ever spoken.

more news hopefully sooner rather than later. how are all of you? did you go vote? i haven't, but will, throw the bums out, roll the new bums in, or vice versa versace. peace/mahalo/muchas gracias.

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