Monday, April 24, 2006


I am still in existence and available for correspondence, btw go clippers...

I had a war with a very small dog last night. Well, not extremely small, not like a chihuaha or something, but a midsize shitzu, it peed I yelled I hit it barked it ran I ran I stalked it whined, it was probably the opposite of majestic, in that 2 AM sense of grandeur notwithstanding.

And there, an opening befitting someone who has other things on his mind than the fact that his baby girl of about a month & a half away has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. And that’s me, I mean, we think about it, talk about it, but were so in it now, and content with it, and loving this little girl with all we have, that it has become part of us to the degree that it doesn’t dominate the mental platform.

Little girl is still kicking up a storm, moreso. We are very optimistic, therefore, in regards to her muscle tone. Fluid levels great. 70th percentile as far as growth! her legs are a little small in relation to her body, 24th percentile, but according to the doc that’s still within normal parameters. We are stoked. We did the tour of the maternity ward yesterday, saw a sample of the room my wife will give birth in, the nursery where they whisk baby away to put her in a burrito wrap, the recovery room, etcetera.

Getting baby’s room at la casa ready continues but has been backburnered a bit as mommy finishes up her final semester at the university. We’ve got the pink up as the main dish and still have to get the white on the ceiling and trim as the dessert. We’ve got crib, pack n play, stroller with car seat, all kine stuff from Carter, blankets, outfits, crib stuff, sheets, you name it. Well, we still gotta stock up on some stuff. Bottles, man, I had no idea how many diff kind bottles there are. You got this system that prevents air getting in there, and then you gotta pick out the baby carrier, and their little bathtub, yadda yadda yadda.

We are excited. Think we’ve got the first and middle name locked down, as well. Sorry, but that’s classified for now. We’re excited, we’re gonna be parents, it’s a beautiful thing.
I got other thoughts and random observations about the experience, as well as some concerns and issues I’d be curious to bounce off the innernet sounding wall, but for now I think I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for stopping by, and extra thanks to all the kind folks (especially kim, who came back and dropped additional knowledge) who offered advice on the telling the family issue. We still haven’t told a soul, we’re still debating how to handle it, some family will be here, and obviously it makes sense for them to know at least a little in advance so we don’t have to go thru the drama at the same time as we’re getting to know our baby girl, so we’ll see. Hope all is well in everyone’s yards. Aloha, gracias, be safe kids…

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