Thursday, July 20, 2006


back on the scene, crispy and clean

Hey all, a quick update before I head home for our first early intervention baby workout via easter seals! Woo hoo! Our little girl is getting very good at lifting her head and looking around and grabbing stuff and looking at things and eating and getting bigger and being a happy healthy little girl. Down what? Pshaw! Naw, but really. Well, yes, so, a physical therapist as well as a counselor will be coming by today and putting her through a phys ed class so to speak. Looking forward to seeing what they do, how they do it, etc. we try and do regular “tummy time,” supposed to be really good for developing muscle tone, but will be great to get a glance at the quote unquote experts at work

I knooooww it’s all over the net and unless this is the first DS site you’ve looked at recently you prolly know all about it, but just unbelievably inspirational, these two people with DS getting married, article in time magazine online, and from what appears, in the actual mag as well. Yes I will be stopping by my local newsstand and grabbing a copy. Tear jerker express or what? Let’s just say it was getting dusty in here, especially looking at the photo essay. Good stuff! Good for sujeet & his new bride. I actually first bumped into his website waaayyy back when we were struggling with the “decision” that had been presented to us by the powers that be that keep the gates of reality for the unborn that dare to not be protypical tim or tina. Anyway, sujeet was and is and appears will always be an incredible inspiration and so is his lovely wife. All the best to them.

Annnnddd, what else? Well, we’ve decided to start little one on the nutrivene, at least in very limited doses, at about one fourth of recommended dose to start & work our way up & see how it goes. Let the arrows fly! I know this is a controversial subject. I’ve been on a TNI yahoo group that bounces around a lot of useful info, and I’d be curious to here more feedback in re: the pros and cons. And I know there are a lot of both out there….

Take care of yourselves and your little (or big) ones, and I know it sounds soooo like an empty promise, but I will try to update more. Writing tidbits like this has unfortunately taken a backseat to writing the next great film of our time, aka Casablanca meets spaceballs. No, well, there was another better analogy, but it’s elsewhere on the net and would reveal my secret identity of a midnight marauder’s helpful aide and confidante. Scratch that. Aloha mahalo etcetera and que sera.

I've not heard of Nutrivene before so can't comment with any authority. From a quick scan of a few sites after googling it I'd be more likely to see how your daughter grows naturally before plying her with supplements, but you've looked into this more than I have so I'm not going to say you're wrong
hey kim. Well, we gave her a very small amount (less than 1/4 the daily dose) for about 3 days, but it seemed to be throwing off her schedule a bit, ie smaller poops, so we were worried maybe it was affecting her digestion, so we're gonna take a few days off & see what we think.

The idea behind the nutrivene is (theoretically) that kids born with DS are affected by the extra enzymes, etc, produced by that 3rd chromosome, and supposedly these vits help ameliorate the gradual effect. of course none of this has been proven beyond a shadow in a lab of scientific law. selah.

thanks for stopping by...
Nice to see an update :)

I did a fair amount of reading about the various vitamin therapies that are out there and decided not to do any of them. I keep thinking that if this really does work then how comes none of the manufactures have ever done real double blind studies and published the results. I get the theory behind it but for now would rather just keep Callum on a healthy balanced diet and see what happens.

Everyone makes their own decisions and you wont be seeing any arrows from me ;-)
I hope your first visit with the PT goes well. Our physio for Sheena (7 months now) did some fantastic stuff, and she really responded well. Especially when she was 2 months, there was a big change after we started ball work.

She's been sick the last couple of months, but there are some basics that we continue to do - like how we hold her so that she develops trunk control.

Hope it goes well.
It's been awhile our dear blogging friend...can we get an update--pppplllleassseeee!
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